Lions Club Bulletin
Big Flats, New York

Membership Chair

Lion Mary Ann Balland -- 562-3106

Lion Gene Herber -- 562-3168
Lion Rita Dery -- 739-3806

March, 2013
Events Calendar:
Feb. 26
Red Cross Blood Drive
  March 1 Repack at FBST
  March 8 Serve lunch at Community Kitchen
  March 11th @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting at Community Center
  March 15 Repack at FBST
  Mar 18th @ 7:00PM Board of Directors meeting at the Big Flats Community Center.
  Mar 25th @ 6:30PM Dinner / Regular Club Meeting at the Crystal House.

Board Action:
All discussion of a possible merger with Horseheads Club has been tabled.

The dates for the Rest Stops have been set for May 24-27, Aug 23-26 and Oct. 10-14. The volunteer hours and serving hours will be changed.

A discussion on places to have dinner meetings was held with the consensus on the Board to not use Crystal House and have both meetings at BFCC when at all possible.

Lion Bob Byland is coordinating another Boy Scout Food Drive at end of April for the BF Food Pantry. As part of this a collection of cans will be held at all dinner meetings during March and April will be held with a matching grant. To provide even more food to the pantry.

The Board voted give a Memorial Gift in honor of Lion Michael Yanak to Care First..

Two ramp constructions have been approved already this season with several more under discussion.

Financial report as of 2/18/2013:

  Community Service Fund $ 8,418.00  
  Administrative Fund 1,796.14  
  CD’s 4,670.95  
  Total worth $14,759.98  

Club News:
Several Lions helped the Girl Scouts distributed a truck load of cookies to the various troop leaders on Feb. 27.

The speaker at the February 11th meeting was Mary Ann Starbuck, CEO of Care First, who gave us an overview of the various services provided by the organization in caring for seriously ill people and their families.

On February 25 Jim Pfieffer, representing Friends of the Chemung River Watershed, told of the accomplishments and future plans of the group and encouraged all to visit the River and become aware of its importance to our area.

March Birthday:
Mary Ann Balland on March 14.

Final 50/50 winners:
$100.00: Jay Yueling, Aaron Manchester, Meghan Marks; $20.00: Jeff Powell, Jane King; $15.00 Keri Villamarete; $10.00; Cindy Burdick, Big Flats Lions, Harry King, Kristine Vine.

Thank you to Lion Marshall for all his hard work on this project since August.

Published: 03/06/2013
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