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Big Flats, New York

Membership Chair

Lion Mary Ann Balland -- 562-3106

Lion Gene Herber -- 562-3168
Lion Rita Dery -- 739-3806

June, 2013
Events Calendar:
Jujn 10th @ 6:30PM
Dinner meeting at Community Center
  Jun 15th Dawn until sold out. Community Days Barbecue. ALL Lions are needed to work at this important project!!
  Jun 17th @ 7:00PM Board meeting at Community center
  Jun 23rd Provide Chicken BBQ at BF Historical Society
  Jun 24th @ 6:30PM Dinner meeting and Installation of Officers, Guests welcome
  July 17th @ 7:00PM Board meeting at Community Center
  Aug 12th @ 6:00PM Annual picnic, families welcome
  Aug 17th Provide Chicken BBQ for BF school reunion
  Aug 23-25: 9AM-6PM Rest Stop at Kanona
  Oct 11-14: 9AM-6PM Rest Stop at Kanona

How we served in May:
Unfortunately there were too few volunteers to do highway clean-up on May 4th. Lion Gene will contact the Leo Club at Elmira College for help with this project in future.

At the Community Kitchen Luncheon on May10 7 Lions served over 100 Meatball Subs with French Fries and other side dishes.

About 25 members of the public attended the Free Community Spaghetti supper on the 16th. There were more Lions there to work; the Board decided to table this project for the immediate future.

Although team coordinator Lion Bill was sailing around Europe we did work at the food Bank on May 10th and 24th.

The last Rest Stop for this fiscal year was held May 24-27. Lion Lance reported that $1133. was donated, after deducting expenses for supplies and the cost of 3 light weight tables (purchase authorized by the board) net income was 374.77. Many of the supplies will be used at future coffee stops. A trial of hotdog sales was held at this event and those sold out and they will be included in future events. Lion Lance thanks those who worked very much, you were greatly appreciated and the guys who set-up REALLY like the new tables.

Lion Donna has done vision screening for pre-school children at several of HH schools.

Three ramps for the handicapped have been completed so far this year by a team of 5 Lions and 2 volunteers from Habitat for Humanity

Board Action:
   o Lance was authorized to purchase 3 lightweight tables for the Clubs use.
   o The second dinner meeting for the next year will be held at the American Legion. It will be a buffet for $10.00 including set-up and clean-up.
   o President Mary Ann presented a project to plant trees at the trail head of Hibbard road and at Whitney Park on Chambers Road.

Birthdays in June:
Happy birthday wishes this month go out to Lions Ed Rhodes, June 8, and Rita Dery, June 11.

Published: 06/05/2013
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