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Big Flats, New York

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Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414

Lion Audrey Manchester -- 739-1915
Lion Rita Dery -- 739-3806

February, 2014
Events Calendar:
  February 10
Dinner Meeting at Community Center 6:30
  February 14 Repack at FBST
  February 17 Board Meeting at KLB’s home. 30 Brookside Circle, BF
  February 24 Dinner Meeting at the American Legion 6:30
  February 28 Repack at FBST

Club News:
A very brief newsletter this month.

First dinner meeting at CC had as a speaker the new owner of the pharmacy that has recently opened in BF opposite Town Hall. I was not at the meeting so have no further info.

Due to MLKJr. Day observation Town Hall was closed and so no Board Meeting was held.

The second dinner meeting was held on 1/27th at the American Legion. The speakers were PID Ed Cordes and Zone Chr.Gail Cordes. Lion Ed gave medical information on the value of the camera that is currently being used in vision screening within the district. Lion Gail demonstrated its operation and had a training session after the meeting for those interested. Lion Donna is our chairman for that committee.

Lion Judy Zimmerman reported that $514. was collected for the BF Food Pantry during out bell ringing session.

Lion Dave Marks report4ed that the Community Lunch on 12/10 served steak sandwiches, french fries, salad and cake. The meat was donated by the Food Bank. 49 people were served 69 meals.

The Club donated $300.00 to the Melvin Jones Fund of Lions Internationl for disaster assistance.

Lion Don Williams reported on the Admin. Invest. Fund. Current Balance is $1917.70

Published: 02/05/2014
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