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Big Flats, New York

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Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414

Lion Audrey Manchester -- 739-1915
Lion Rita Dery -- 739-3806

March, 2014
Events Calendar:
Mar 10th @ 6:30PM
Dinner Meeting at Community Center
  Mar 12th from 3PM-Done Help Girl Scouts distribute cookies to troop leaders
  Mar 14th from 9PM-12PM Repack at Food Bank of the Southern Tier
  Mar 14th Serve Community Lunch in Elmira
  Mar 17th @ 7:00PM Board Meeting at Community Center
  Mar 24th @ 6:30PM Dinner Meeting at Big Flats American Legion

Our Feb 10 dinner meeting was held at the Community Center. Our speaker was Mary Lynn Rourke from CVAC, formerly RSVP, now based with Cornell Cooperative Ext. at the Human Resources Bldg. She told of the myriad activities that CVAC is involved with in the community including the ramp bldg program.

KLB spoke of a possible tree planting Lions Project for Whitney Park. He is going to explore some of the parameters and report back to the Club.

February Board Meeting was held at KLB’s home due to the Federal Holiday. Lion Don Williams reported on the Administrative Investment Fund. (AIF). The CD that was in the Administration account was transferred into the AIF making a total of funds as of 2/20 $2740.01. The investments made in Scott Trade have begun to generate interest.

A copy of the rules regarding the fund were published 9/17/13. A copy can be obtained for reference by members. There are currently an oversight of the Fund by 5 club members. A plan to rotate the election of members will be proposed for the Club to vote upon.

Rest Stops in 2014 will be May 23-23 at Campbell, 8/22-24 and 10 10/13 at Kanona,

The Nominating Committee led by Lion Donna B and Lion Ed R will be at work to fill projected vacancies, one VP and 2 Directors.

A discussion was held on the proposed Whitney Park Project, suggestions on a park for the visually impaired with a walking trail and a Memorial Park for Departed Lions were mentioned. We will be coordinating with the Town.

Girl Scout Coordinator Pat Silvernail has again asked Lions help in the GS Cookie distribution on Mar 12th.

We have replaced the 3 tables that were stolen.

The March 24th meeting was well attended with some members that we haven’t seen over the Winter present. KLB has purchased a portable sound system to make it easier on the speakers. An amendment to the Charter of the AIF was presented and will be voted on the 3/10 meeting A rotating membership has been suggested.

There was some discussion of the Whitney Park Project with input from BF Supervisor Lion Ed Fairbrother. Top Soil and Gravel will be obtained from a field just north off Chambers Road.

The final drawing in this season’s 50/50 was held. Lion Marshall thanked allt he members for their active participation in making the fund raising project a success again.

Published: 03/05/2014
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