Lions Club Bulletin
Big Flats, New York

Membership Chair

Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414

Lion Audrey Manchester -- 739-1915
Lion Rita Dery -- 739-3806

May, 2014
Events Calendar:
  May 9th 9:00-12:00 Repack at FBST
  May 9th Provide lunch at the Community Kitchen
  May 12th 6:30 Dinner Meeting at Legion
  May 19th 7:00 Board Meeting at the Community Center
  May 23rd Repack at FBST
  May 23 - 26 9-6 Coffee Stop at Campbell
  May 26th Memorial Day - No Dinner Meeting

Election of officers for 2014-15. was held at dinner meeting on April 14th

  Immediate Past President Bob Byland
  President Audrey Manchester
  1st Vice President Nicole Burt
  2nd Vice President Aaron Manchester
  3rd Vice President Mary Ann Balland
  Secretary Suzie Brinthaupt
  Treasurer Dave Marks
  1yr Directors Bill Powell
    Tom Rhodes
  2yr Directors Gene Herber
    Amanda Manchester
  Lion Tamer Lance Muir
  Tail Twister Judy Zimmerman

Club News:
Our speaker at the meeting was Art Thompson a fascinating story from the log of Sgt Patrick Gass AN EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY MAN, who was a soldier on the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1806-7.

At the Board Meeting Lion Bob announced some District wide awards made to our members. Lions Don Williams and Al Draht have been named Humanitarians of the Year due to their work on ramps now 26 and Lion Lance Muir has been named Lion of the Year. The awards ceremony will be on May 3rd. Congratulations to these men!!

The Board has decided that since we are the most active Club in the County we should be supplying glasses on a countywide basis. To help defray the costs which may become very heavy Big Flats Lions will apply to the District for a grant of $1500.00 to aid in this program. We will look for additional Lions to aid Nicole in dealing with any future requests.

KL Bob will be exploring options for ways we can help improve Whitney Park. He has some very ambitious plans. The Board approved this exploration.

Our speaker at the 4/28 Dinner Meeting was Pam Brown from the Department ot the Aging and Long Term Care. She went through the brochure that list the various services available to us.

Lions Donna and Mary Ann conducted vision screening for Pre-k at 3 HH elementary schools on April 28. 36 children were screened with 3 requiring referrals.

Lion Gary reported that 36 units of blood were collected at the most recent Red Cross Blood Drive.

Work at Camp Badger saw four Lions worked 32 hrs to build a ramp for Cabin 6.

KL Bob presented his proposal for what we might be able to accomplish at Whitney Park.

Suggestions include a walking trail with benches, A grove of trees as Memorials to Lions and some amenities.

Published: 05/04/2014
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