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Big Flats, New York

Membership Chair

Lion Bob Byland -- 562-3414

Lion Audrey Manchester -- 739-1915
Lion Rita Dery -- 739-3806

June, 2014
Events Calendar:
  June 6th Repack at FBST
  June 9th Dinner Meeting At Legion
  June 16th Board Meeting aat Community Center
  June 20th Repack at FBST
  June 23rd Dinner Meeting and Installation of Officers

At the 5/12 dinner meeting our own Ralph Marino, Superintendent of the Horseheads School District presented the 2014013 School Budget. Budget was passed at the vote on May 20.

Since we are the only really active Lions Club in Chemung Co. KLBob is seeking a grant of $1500. from the District so we can cover requests from all over the County.

Lion Don Williams expects a dividend on Administrative Investment Fund on June 1 of $19.50. He expects there will be around $200.00 next fiscal year to aid in paying club dues.

KLBob showed us some of the possibilities for Whitney Park that will make it accessible to visually handicapped people.

At the May 19 Board Meeting the Board voted to increase member dues to $63.00 because of the increase in NY State dues of $2.00.

The Board also voted to buy a compound Miter Saw with Folding Stand for around $700.00 for use by the ramp builders.

0N may 20th Lion Bill Powell took 661 pairs of usable glasses to the Lions Recycle Center run by the Canandaigua Lions. Also he took 3 doz. metal frames to be sold as scrap metal. Numbers of glasses collected remain about the same from year to year.

There was no dinner meeting on May 26 as we were serving coffee at Campbell Rest Area that weekend, Fri – Mon. Lion Lance will report on the success of this project at first June meeting on the 9th.

Lion Grace Yanak expects to be back in her home by mid-month and hopes to be the 6/23 dinner meeting. She is very mobile now and expects to be able to drive.

Published: 06/03/2014
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